Professional from the desert- Huguette Rahme

Huguette Rahme personifies the female professional in the middle east. People like her set trends for women in a society where not a lot of women entrepreneurs are out and about. Having met her, I found her drive, passion and ambition exemplary. A few words from her and we hope it serves an inspiration to other budding talent in the region. Huguette is Lebanese and here’s what she shares with us.



Q- What is your profession and tell me about yourself, your background?

HR- Entrepreneur /General manager Since 2011, Scalla human resources consultancy, based in the UAE.

However main activity is the liaison between the client’s requirement in terms of human force and candidates searching for a growth in their career. Very dynamic and enthusiastic business environment. A lot to do with human interaction/ attitude/values.

Prior to that, I was working as business development Manager with a French company in the UAE for 6 years. Earlier, I handled an American franchise in Lebanon for 4 years and earlier, for around 6 years, as a business development manager covering six international territories ( Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon) which involved a lot of traveling to conduct meetings and discussions.

I have a master degree in business administration followed with an MBA.


Q-What drove you to choose this career path?

HR -A- 50% is coping with life path I didn’t have an interference with. As if it was imposed by life itself, but I had to deal with 50% i can say is by my own choice.


The entrepreneurial drive, the love for adventure and trying to achieve something and be someone in life.


I do not have the luxury to be rich, so having to live and take care of dependents I need to work hard and generate income.


Q- Have you moved a lot for your profession and do you like travelling?

HR- Yes, as stated above


Q- What in your opinion are the three major traits to be successful in your profession?

HR- 1- To start something and to finish it

2- To have a creative mind and a problem solving mind

3- To love what you do, to be honest and clear on what you do.

Even when you face challenges and disappointments, and when reaching the bottom

4- to be flexible and accept people as they are.. And manage to work with the given components


Q- What have been your biggest challenges over the course of your career?

HR- 1- Taking major risks financially.

2- Given it all. Mainly Time.

3- Believe in something before it is realized


Q- Anything you did in your career you’d advise other upcoming professionals not to do

HR- Yes. Try to check the background of your clients before Signing a contract with.

Some can drag you down without your approval and knowledge


Q- Would you recommend this profession to young hopefuls?

HR- Of course. Very dynamic one.


Q- What is your advice to young graduates and professionals?

HR- 1- Keep learning every day in every way

2- Don’t take yourself too seriously no matter what. (We r far from perfection)

3- Believe in team work

4- Be honest with yourself. And with others

5- Take risks

6- Be positive.

7- Be happy and appreciate what you have. Don’t think of what you don’t have. This will lead you to nowhere.

8- Do not eat/ sleep/ rest before finishing the task on hands.

9- Pray

10- Live your life


Author: Ashok Iyengar

A published author and a Project Management professional I love to travel, mentor and network. Writing my travelogues, commentaries on political and social issues I create meaningful conglomerations between the west and east. I live in the Washington DC metro area. Just started a new journey with assisting teaching Project Management classes at GWU, Washington DC

4 thoughts on “Professional from the desert- Huguette Rahme”

  1. I had the honor to know Huguette ever since I came to UAE; she is simply a fascinating talent with everything she does. Her entrepreneur success was easily expected knowing her brilliant mind, angelic spirit, hard work, multitasking capabilities, professional skills, etc… and on top of all of that, extremely cute.
    Huguette brought her dream to reality thru her perseverance and wise approach; she knows best how to turn the hard times to a successful story: a real hero.
    What you mentioned above reflects you; we will always learn from your valuable advices and experience. I am really thankful to be among the luckiest ones who met Huguette. You are the kind of persons that one cannot easily forget.
    All the best Huguetta and we are always sure you are up to more success for the future.


  2. I admire you my dear Huguette , you are an iron woman , intelligent , fullfilled , hardworker …….You deserve all the best , you are a great buisiness woman as well as a great mom .
    God bless you and go on , great lady.
    Good luck


  3. Chère Huguette,
    J’ai une grande admiration pour ton courage , je te cite souvent comme exemple de persévérance et d’ambition .
    Tu mérites le meilleur car ta réussite tu ne la dois qu’à toi seule.
    Dr T. Acoume


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