Raquel Lopez- An interview

Raquel López is from Spain. She is a successful architect and much more. She is also a translator, trainer and a multi faceted blog critique. And to top it all up, she also writes. Her responses echo her talent and that wry sense of humor.

A mini interview-

Q- What is your profession and tell me about yourself, your background?

  1. I am A Spanish architect. I am very fond of all that has to do with Art&Creation. I also write fantasy stories and I sing in a jazz band.


Q- What drove you to choose this career path?

  1. Architecture is an artistic engineering. I like the combination of those two extremes.


Q- Have you moved a lot for your profession and do you like travelling?

  1. I love travelling, but, unfortunately, all jobs that include staying abroad for a while are usually given to male Architects.



Q- What in your opinion are the three major traits to be successful in your profession?

  1. Ambition, hard work and relatives who are architects.


Q- What have been your biggest challenges over the course of your career?

  1. I cannot recall all of them: since the very moment I put my feet on University ground my life became a hard daily challenge.


Q- Would you recommend this profession to young hopefuls?

  1. Only if they have a strong vocation and an Architect daddy.

Q- What is your advice to young graduates and professionals?

  1. If you want to live in peace, choose another path. Women architects: your profession might become your own Mr. Grey.

Author: Ashok Iyengar

A published author and a Project Management professional I love to travel, mentor and network. Writing my travelogues, commentaries on political and social issues I create meaningful conglomerations between the west and east. I live in the Washington DC metro area. Just started a new journey with assisting teaching Project Management classes at GWU, Washington DC

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