Baseline vs Change -As simple as it sounds?

You would think its not big a deal. We read and hear about these Management gurus coming up with some outlandish mantras for successfully executing projects. I am certain some of these, when translated into plain English have produced results. Think about this, if you knew about your scope, schedule and commercial conditions you have actually armed yourself with knowledge of the BASELINE.

Baseline is what you have basically signed up to- What you’re going to build or deliver, when you have to deliver and how are you going to get paid.

Then the inevitable happens- CHANGE. What is Change? Define it as any deviation from the Baseline.

The ability to recognize Change and your ability to attribute and apportion it makes the difference between Success and Failure. Dealing with Change is key to Success.

You will read a whole lot more about this in an upcoming book – BRAVING THE STORMS- MANAGING PROJECTS!