Cricket..You really don’t care? #Crotchgate

Its been called #Sandpapergate but I’d coin it #crotchgate. We all hear and get preached on “Walking the Talk”. For the limited few that are cricket aficionados you will appreciate of what I am implying here. Nonetheless, for those who have derived themselves the pleasures of the sport, cricket, I will deign to explain the role the 5.5 ounces of the red leather ball plays. Its delivered at over 90-100 mph from a distance of 22 yards at the batter. So the seam of the ball plays a huge role in how the ball will swing and the shine and roughness of the ball determines the swing and what the batter can expect. Except that no one and no one is allowed to alter the surface of the ball . So the Aussies, (I love the Aussies and have huge admiration for their way of living) were caught red handed on the cricket field in Capetown, South Africa trying to use sandpaper to rough up a side of the ball. The player in question was using sandpaper to rough up one side of the ball and then was caught surreptitiously trying to drop the “weapon” into his crotch.┬áThat is a blatant act of cheating, nothing less.

Walking the Talk comes into play because some of these Aussies have been acting high and mighty about upholding the spirit of the game and after having been caught with their pants down it begs the question..Why whine, why preach when you cannot walk it?

This is not too different for me when people cheat on their time cards, people trying to hide shady expenses; you’re bringing your own character into disrepute but then you represent someone and as it happens with #crotchgate, your country.

No condoning no justifications for cheating or stealing! Fight hard fight fair and then gloat!

PS- I feel sorry for my Aussie mates who I bet are gutted!