Nostalgia – Overrated?

As traditional as it gets. A quick visit to my birthplace, Srirangam, Tamil Nadu, India after 25 years. Some things never quite change, like stuck in a time capsule. A place where time not only has stood still but every street every alley has retained its unique charisma. As nostalgic as it sounds, it certainly doesn’t appear that I will be back anytime soon. For those who grew up in cosmopolitan India, a place like Bhopal (Central India) is what I have always considered home. Just being born someplace doesn’t make it home.
I have seen people fawn over nostalgic things and true to spirit, nostalgia may not be related to a place but it could be old pictures, old books and other such forms.
I would be interested to hear what you think of this.


Author: Ashok Iyengar

A published author and a Project Management professional I love to travel, mentor and network. Writing my travelogues, commentaries on political and social issues I create meaningful conglomerations between the west and east. I live in the Washington DC metro area. Just started a new journey with assisting teaching Project Management classes at GWU, Washington DC

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