Head Hunters- Please read

We love the way you fish and your perseverance. In fact it almost makes one feel good about oneself when someone sends you an “in-mail”, extolling your skillsets and talent and how badly they want you in their organization.

I know of several folks that have gotten some fairly good deals professionally and financially through linkedin executive search consultants and good on them. Most exec head hunters I have dealt with are specialists who understand the thick fiber of aptitudes and can see through “embellished” resumes. So all you gentlemen and ladies, please carry on doing what you’re good at.

I have message for those not-so-skilled head hunters and I have had a fair share of them as well. I would hesitate to christen them as ignoramuses, rather I’d call them amateurs.

  • Do not send random mass emails. It puts people off and we will never want to deal with you again
  • Do not just send generic one line in-mails asking for contact number so “we could have a chat”. This doesn’t go well
  • Understand the nuances of professional backgrounds. “Project Controls engineer” is not the same as “Control systems engineer”. A sure way to get ignored or even worse, subject to ridicule and you all know how word spreads.
  • Please read bios thoroughly and be more personable. You are selling dreams not used cars

I would also make a quiet appeal to all you head hunters and work with people to better customize their needs and not always “sell” what your organization is offering.

thank you all.


Author: Ashok Iyengar

A published author and a Project Management professional I love to travel, mentor and network. Writing my travelogues, commentaries on political and social issues I create meaningful conglomerations between the west and east. I live in the Washington DC metro area. Just started a new journey with assisting teaching Project Management classes at GWU, Washington DC

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